Moorage Rates

Port Orchard Railway Marina - 405 Bay Street, Port Orchard

Bridgeview Marina - 1805 Thompson Drive, Bremerton

The first month is free for new-to-the-marina vessels, and no deposits are required.

In addition to metered electricity, the monthly moorage rates effective February 1, 2016, are:

Port Orchard Railway Marina
22 ft. side tie $143.00
35 ft. side tie $227.50
43 ft. slip $279.50
52 ft. slip $338.00
Other side ties $6.50/ft
Boathouse $8.00/ft
Liveaboard $100/mth


Bridgeview Marina

Up to 20' LOA $100
Up to 30' LOA $169
Up to 40' LOA $199
Up to 50' LOA $329
Liveaboard $100/mth

There is a $5 meter reading and maintenance fee as well.

Your moorage rate is calculated based on the overall length of the vessel, including swim steps, etc., or the length of the slip, whichever is greater.


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